Thursday, February 9, 2017

New article: ASTRO MUSIC COMPOSITION (Chart to Music)

New article: ASTRO MUSIC COMPOSITION (Chart to Music)

In response to many questions I received via e-mail and Facebook about my article "The Astrological Zodiac & Music Tonality - Tone Zodiac" about the implementation of the Tone-Zodiac I have decided to write this article to present several ideas on this subject.

I am not an astrologer or astronomer (I am but a musician-composer and sound engineer with a keen interest in this subject). This article is in the first place written for musicians that - like myself - are intriqued by this topic and perhaps for some astrologers it might turn out to be an interesting read as well.

I do welcome additional info, suggestions and corrections (in case of mistakes made in this article). Thank you!

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